Discounts, Credits and Events


Credits are short-term incentives we periodically give to shoppers. They lower the purchase price of eligible products and can entice shoppers to buy. You can decide if you’ll accept these in your store by setting a Maximum Allowed Discount (the maximum discount you’ll give all of your products during a promotion). As you're deciding whether to accept these, keep in mind that about 90% of MoreCo... Read article

Marketing Settings

Participating in Credit and Sitewide Coupon Code promotions is completely optional, but it can pay off in a big way. Most MoreCommerce merchants participate in our promotions because this makes their products more appealing to shoppers by reducing the item's purchase price and it can give their products more visibility. To participate in MoreCommerce promotions, set a Maximum Allowed Discount (t... Read article

Sitewide Coupon Codes

MoreCommerce Sitewide Coupon Codes are special offers sometimes available to new and current customers. They may provide a discount on merchandise or free shipping on an order. MoreCommerce coupon codes usually have an expiration date, which will represent Eastern Time. Before using any promotion, be sure to check its terms and conditions for specific guidelines and restrictions. Most of our prom... Read article

Getting Your Products Into The OpenSky Clearance Section

OpenSky's Clearance section automatically populates with products that meet certain criteria. Ensure your products are eligible for this section by: Pricing products at least 50% lower than the MSRP (including deductions triggered by product and store promotions and Credits). Inventory count is greater than 1 and less than 10. Read article

Simplified Promos

In the past, you could run your own storewide promotions and certain discounts of ours, like Credits, could stack with the promotions you created. MoreCommerce's new, simplified approach to promos allows you to sell your products at the price you want more easily and ensures you won't accidentally over-discount your products. With Simplified Promos: You only have to set one discount amount... Read article

Your Max Product Discount

Your Max Product Discount is an optional discount you can enter for a specific product, which will be the lowest price you will charge for an item once discounts from a promotion are applied. This discount will override your Maximum Allowed Discount so you can have more control over your bottom line. Since the Maximum Allowed Discount specifies the maximum discount you will give all of your pro... Read article
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