Creating & Editing Products

This guide will help you: Create a product Edit a product Creating a New Product You can create products 1 at a time or bulk import your products from another site, like Shopify and Bigcommerce. Here we'll show you how to add products, 1 by 1. To start, go to your Merchant Toolkit, hover over the "Products" tab and click "Add Product." Next, enter your product details. As you do th... Read article

Deleting Products

UPDATE: Previously published products can now be deleted. You'll need to first unpublish your product and then delete it as you would delete a Draft product. Only unpublished (i.e., draft and inactive) listings can be deleted. You can delete products in two ways: 1) Via the Delete buttons that correspond to each draft and inactive listing on your Products tab: 2) Via the Delete option in the l... Read article

Importing Your Products from Another Store

(If you'd like to import products via a generic CSV file, see this article). (If you'd like to use a Google product file, see this article). MoreCommerce's product import tool makes adding products to your store quick and easy. If you sell via Etsy, Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Big Cartel, you'll be able to use the import tool to upload your products into your store. Import Your Products 1. Sel... Read article

Importing Products Using a Google Product File

You can import your products to your MoreCommerce store using a Google product file. This is a convenient option for those familiar with the Google product file format. You can take the same file you use with Google Shopping (or another vendor accepting this file type) and use it to upload your products. Uploading your products using a Google product file Locate your Google product file and ... Read article

Data File Specifications

You can add new products and update existing products using a CSV, or comma separated values, file. These files contain field headers and the appropriate product info below each header. CSV files uploaded to MoreCommerce must meet certain requirements. That’s why we offer 3 CSV files you can download, edit and upload so your product data is entered correctly. 1) The starter file: Use this file i... Read article

Sorting Your Products

Once you've created and/or imported products into your account, you'll want to arrange them to spotlight new arrivals, best sellers and special promotions. You can do this by sorting your products and you can sort, and re-sort your items as often as you'd like. Your First 10 Are Special Before you start, keep in mind that your first 10 products (i.e., the 10 items that appear at the top of your ... Read article

Surfacing in Search

Want to make sure your products appear search results and top-level category pages? Do this: First, make sure you've completed your merchant Account Details and Billing information. Both are located under the Account tab in your Merchant Toolkit. Completing your account information tells us that you're a serious merchant who is ready to begin selling! (You'll also only appear on those pages ... Read article

Import and Bulk Edit Products Using CSV Files

You can update products you already have published and add new products to your account from the Import Products page of your merchant account. To start, sign in to your account. Go to the Import page under the Products navigation header and click on Import/Bulk Edit. If you already have products on published, download either your (a) full product file or your (b) inventory management file.... Read article

Products with Variations

If you have products that are available in multiple colors, sizes, materials, etc., they are considered to be products with "variations." You can return to the listing at a later time and add variation options and/or variation types. For example, let's say you create a listing for a shirt with a size variation (e.g., the shirt comes in S, M or L). Then, after several weeks, you are able to offer... Read article

Customizable Products

Customization fields allow shoppers to provide details you'll need to complete their orders. For instance, if you sell personalized jewelry and shoppers can tell you the initials they’d like stamped on their item, the customization field is where they would enter that information. Please note that customization fields are different from variation menus. Adding a Customization Field You can add ... Read article

Product Names & Descriptions: The Basics

A well-written product name lets shoppers quickly understand what your product is. Poorly constructed names make shoppers search through a string of words that can appear random. When creating product names: Start with a two-word title of the brand and product (i.e., “Nike Shoes”). Limit the length to 80 characters, including spaces. Avoid special characters. Avoid catalog numbers and ... Read article

How-to: Product Descriptions & Product Details

Product Descriptions Writing great copy doesn’t have to be a painful experience. It’s important to remember that you are the authority on your product and no one can tell its story better than you. The best copy creates a lifestyle around the product and doesn’t just give information to people, but it encourages them to comment and engage with you on how they intend to use your products. First o... Read article

Adding Product Photos

Photos are a critical part of the shopping experience on this site. They help shoppers inspect products, help them envision themselves with the products and ultimately give visitors the confidence to buy. When you create a product, you can add up to 12 photos, and 1 video for the product. To add an image, go to the desired product's (a) "Photos & Video" section, (b) click the "Add Photo" but... Read article

How Photography Can Help You Sell

Product photography is the single, most important aspect of any e-commerce website. The key to successful retail sales online is compelling imagery. Since the customer has no way of touching, feeling or physically interacting with the product, it’s the deciding factor as to whether or not a product is purchased. FACT: Products shot on white backgrounds receive an average of 100-600 clicks a day, ... Read article

Editing Photos: Retouching, Resizing, and Saving Your Images

Editing is a critical step in ensuring the quality of your photos. Take the time to enhance the photos whenever possible, working to create compelling images for users to engage with, love and shop. Cropping Choose your frame. Your product's background, whether a white backdrop or a lively environment, not only tells the story of your photo, it also sets it off from the rest of the products ... Read article

Product Videos

Customers love to connect with the people behind a brand. Video is the easiest way for you to tell your story and and bring your products to life. Video can be tricky but with the right care and attention (and some tips and tricks), you'll be an expert in no time. The MoreCommerce video team suggests the following: Short duration – usually under a minute is best. Define the message - What... Read article

Pricing Your Products

Pricing can make or break your business and should always be handled with care. Start by developing a product pricing strategy. Doing extensive price comparison work is one way to keep ahead of your competition. The price listed on MoreCommerce (the “everyday value”) should match your lowest price anywhere on the Internet. Why? Shoppers are smart, and they can compare prices from other retail ch... Read article


MoreCommerce's search index updates periodically, so it may take some time before your products begin to show up in search results. (This timeline is longer for new stores.) Once your products are indexed by our search engine, users will be able to search for your brand or products via targeted keywords. Not seeing your products in search results? The most likely cause is that your product is in... Read article

Bundled Products

MoreCommerce's Buying & Merchandising Team has years of experience driving higher order value and sales from lower priced products. The answer is very simple: Bundle multiple products together to sell your products at a higher price point, thus increasing your profits on every order. 8 Reasons Why Bundling Works Bundles increase your cart size. A bundle is prepackaged way to upsell a sh... Read article

Hiding Products

There are few different ways you can hide your products. Put your MoreCommerce store in vacation mode The easiest way to hide all of your products is via vacation mode, which will disable your store and every product in it. Read more about vacation mode here. Delete your Products You can delete products that you haven't published. (Note that when a product is imported via the bulk impo... Read article
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